The most affordable ways to get fit

Shrink your waistline without shrinking your wallet.

Fitness goals are among the most popular New Year resolutions but it can be difficult to find an exercise that suits both your health and your budget.

According to a Mozo survey, on average, some Aussies are spending up to $86.40 per week on fitness programs - a total of $4492.80 per year. 

Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont said getting into shape didn’t have to be a costly exercise.

“Many people start off the New Year with great intentions of getting into shape, but this could be a costly commitment if your enthusiasm doesn’t last all year long,” Ms Lamont said.

“It’s a great time to do some extra research into the overall costs before signing on the dotted line.”


Mozo looked at the ongoing and upfront costs associated with different fitness activities and found that fitness apps were the most wallet-friendly way to get fit in 2020 with an average yearly cost of $230.

“Fitness apps came out on top, costing just $4.40 a week,” Ms Lamont said.

“Most of the apps require minimal equipment that is available at discount stores or you can improvise with items from around the house. 

“However, if you need the accountability of exercising with other people, then apps might not be for you.”

Hiking, rowing and soccer were the next thriftiest activities, costing an average of less than $10 a week.

Cycling classes were the most expensive fitness activity in 2020, with total annual costs topping $4492.90, followed by barre/pilates and dance classes.

“If you do like to keep fit by attending classes, consider bulk buying them in packs of five or 10,” Ms Lamont said.

“This way you are still enjoying your favourite class, but not paying a premium for just one class.

Ms Lamont said getting fit didn’t have to blow the budget.

“Using free outdoor gyms or joining a running club don’t cost anything,” she said. 

“A simple change could be walking some of your commute to work - it will keep your fitness goals on track and save you some cash.”

Get fit for free

  • Train at a local park with outdoor gym equipment.
  • Utilise free workout videos on YouTube.
  • Go for a run with your mates or join Parkrun.
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk for part of your commute.

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