The ride of a lifetime

Experience the ultimate four-wheel excitement.

Have you ever dreamed of driving around in one of the automotive industry’s most iconic sports cars?

Now you can, thanks to MX5 adventures on the Gold Coast, which is giving motoring enthusiasts the chance to drive two Mazda MX5 convertibles around the Gold Coast and surrounds.

Drivers have the choice to hire either a third-generation manual 2011 NC Mazda MX5 or a 2017 automatic ND Mazda MX5.

The idea to make one the world’s most sought-after convertibles available for hire came from Enzo Carrara after he became an MX5 owner.

“I have really loved being able to take in all the amazing roads and sights our corner of the world has to offer in these fun and sporty cars,” he said.

“Time and time again, I would take friends or family for a drive and they couldn’t stop telling me how much they enjoyed it, and that they wished they had a car like this of their own.

“From there, the idea grew in the back of my mind until I decided to expand my fleet and start offering the ability for people to hire these cars for their own MX5 adventures.”