Top five home items to spend your tax return on

For many Queenslanders, tax time is the chance to splurge on those special items that you’ve had your eye on all year.

We asked Porter Davis Homes Queensland Lead Interior Designer, Janelle Miles to reveal her top five home items worth splashing your tax return on this year.

A comfortable lounge 

Your lounge is often the centre of the communal area within the home.

From entertaining guests to curling up and watching movies under a warm throw, your lounge should be able to accustom to your lifestyle. 

A sturdy and comfortable lounge is always a sound investment for any home. 

It is also good to ponder whether the fabric of the lounge you choose will compliment your lifestyle. Leather is more durable but can be costly. While a white lounge may look great, it is unforgiving when it comes to children’s messy fingers. 

Stick to neutral tones and a lounge which suits your style and can adapt to changing trends.

Remember that it is easy to refresh a classic lounge by adding your decorative touch with feature cushions and throws.


Feature lighting

Lighting is a great investment if you’re looking to transform any room of your home. 

Larger, statement light fittings such as those made from natural fibres have become quite popular and work well to accentuate a resort-style feel within your home. 

The style of lighting and the placement of lights within the home are equally important. 

Dimmer, accentuated lighting in bedrooms and bathrooms will transform your home into a personal paradise while downlighting above artwork is a great way to highlight feature artwork pieces and reinvent areas such as the entry, hallways or living areas.


House plants

House plants continue to trend as we move towards spring. 

Not only do they bring life to any room in the home, they add a natural tone of green and texture to the space and work to purify the air, providing relaxation. 

Investing in a taller, more mature plant can be a great way to add a focal point within the space. 

Different areas of the home will provide different conditions for your plants, so make sure you research the needs of the plant you are wishing to purchase. This will ensure that your investment will literally ‘grow’ over time.


New bedding

Why not kick off the new (financial) year with some brand-new bedding. 

Your bedroom is the place to reinvigorate yourself after a long day. 

Utilise different colours and textures to create an inviting and peaceful atmosphere too. 

Natural fabrics such as linen, bamboo and silk are great to use as bedding, and both durable and comfortable to sleep on. 

Pairing these with feature cushions and chunkier, statement throws is a great way to add layers within the room.

If you are investing in bedding, my advice is to always choose a neutral colour palette that can work with accent colours and shifting trends.


A dining table

While open plan living continues to be popular among homeowners, ‘zoning off’ distinct spaces of the home with furniture is becoming increasingly popular. 

Formal dining tables are key in achieving this type of spatial division. 

If you’re looking to invest in a dining table, the space you have will influence the size and style of table you purchase. 

Tables that offer an extendable option are a great way to satisfy both your space and your social life. 

Look for pieces that are created from sustainable or upcycled materials, which are not only on-trend but a socially conscious choice that will evoke warmth and homeliness.