Top five surf locations to enjoy in the New Year

1. Burleigh Heads

Its known as Gold Coast’s hot spot for a reason. Burleigh Heads has proven incredibly popular with tourists and beach goers for its beautiful location, boutique stores and eateries. For the surfers, Burleigh offers a world class right-hand point break, that with the right swell direction can provide hollow barrels and long rides for the intermediate and experienced. However, if large crowds aren’t your style, check out the Burleigh Beach break where you can find a good bank with no crowd. Best of all, if the surf isn’t on have a picnic and enjoy the stunning views from Burleigh Hill, south of the surf club.

2. Coolum Beach

Coolum is a versatile beach break that provides rideable waves at both high and low tide. The beach break can hold swell from a small 2ft to a gigantic 10ft, providing opportunity for surfers of all skill levels. Coolum is a great spot to sign up for a learn to surf lesson, and is a shark protected beach watched by lifeguards. RACQ members also receive 10 percent off surf lessons at Coolum beach, for more information visit the RACQ website.

3. Double Island Point

This is one for the more experienced surfers – Double Island Point is a sand bottom right hand point-break that is only accessible by 4WD. The break is best on low tide and is rarely met with large crowds of surfers due to its remote location.

4. Palm Beach

The Gold Coast City Council’s ‘beach nourishment program’ applied sand dredging to the Palm Beach area which has made local surfers very happy. The sand dredging allowed for an increased volume of sand in the area producing some excellent banks to be surfed along the Palm Beach stretch of the Gold Coast. Most ideal conditions are when there are westerly or south westerly winds. Palm Beach is a consistent beach break worth checking out.

5. Currumbin (The Alley)

Currumbin’s right-hand point-break is not for novice surfers, it is a popular spot among the more advanced wave riders on the Gold Coast. For those starting out, however, the Currumbin Alley is perfect for beginner surfers. Protected on the northern side by a sea groyne and the south by the rock point, Currumbin Alley provides a calm and friendly zone for beginners to catch whitewash waves and improve their technique.