Top three hot springs in Queensland

It’s not quite the same as plunging into the water in Scandinavia in below-zero temperatures, but there are plenty of hot springs throughout Queensland to be enjoyed during winter.

Naturally occurring hot springs are produced by the natural heat of the earth and are also known as geothermally heated groundwater. Natural hot springs boast a range of health benefits which have been celebrated for thousands of years.

Hot springs boost blood circulation due to the variety of minerals in the water. The high silica in hot springs helps to soften and smooth dry, rough skin. Similarly, the sulphur content can relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema.

When fully submerged, the buoyancy and free movement allows the water to naturally support joints and minimise chronic muscle pain and arthritis.

Here are the top three hot springs in Queensland.

1. Bedourie Artesian Spa

Part of a swimming pool complex in the town of Bedourie in Central West Queensland, this 22-person therapeutic spa sources its crystal-clear water from the artesian bore in the town.

2. Artesian Mud Baths, Eulo

Located 70km west of Cunnamulla, Eulo is home to hot artesian water and mud baths, with mud springs just west of the town.

3. Innot Hot Springs

A small-town west of Ravenshoe in the Atherton Tablelands, Innot features hot springs that are filled with natural underground water at a temperature of around 75ºC.