Weigh your caravan

Whether you need to register a new caravan or recognise what type of tow vehicle to purchase, it is important to know the weight of your caravan.

When weighing a caravan, you can also check whether its weight is evenly distributed across the axles, enabling you to assess whether any load-levelling devices are necessary.

The best way to accurately weigh your caravan is to visit a public weighbridge. A weighbridge will provide you with a certificate stating the caravan’s weight that can be used as official documentation when registering or selling a caravan.

Public weighbridges are usually located in close proximity to most urban centres. Before heading to a weighbridge, call ahead to check the opening times so you don’t make a wasted trip.

You will need to take all extra items and luggage out of the caravan to obtain an accurate tare weight. First, weigh your car and caravan to get a complete weight of your set-up and check the weight distribution on the axles when the van is hooked up to the tow vehicle.

After this, weigh the caravan by itself with the jockey wheel to obtain the tare weight and compare the weight on the axles.

If you are concerned about getting an accurate measurement, you can weigh your caravan at two different weighbridges as a cross-reference.

Modifications made to your caravan can affect its weight and roadworthiness.

Public weighbridges in Queensland.