What to pack for a motorcycle road trip

Packing for a road trip is tough, but how do motorcyclists pack with even less space?

We’ve all been there. About to set off on road trip only to be forced into playing Tetris and filling every available centimetre of your car with items and passengers.

It’s a daunting task to say the least. But what do you when you only have two wheels and space comes at premium?

Follow our handy guide and you’ll be hitting the open road for a two-wheeled adventure in no time.

Don’t overpack

It’s the golden rule for just about every trip, be that overseas or just a weekend away. But with a motorcycle, it is paramount that you eliminate all unnecessary items.

Items packed need to serve a purpose, so if you’re up in the air about something – its best to leave it behind.

Of course, you’ll need the usual staples of clothes, shoes and basic toiletries. Try to stay in places that have laundry facilities, so you can rewash clothes if on a long adventure.

What to pack

Plan the route and keep hydrated

No good road trip is complete without snacks and drinks – they replenish you when the drive is starting to drain your energy.

As we all know, riding a motorbike takes a lot of work and is taxing on the body, with fatigue setting in at a much faster rate. So, plan your road trip with stops in mind and make sure you have enough snacks and water to get you from point A to point B.

Fuel is also a consideration. You’ll need to factor in distances between stops, as tanks are much smaller than a car.

Packing sunset

Safety first

Whether you’re riding solo, with a pillion or in a group, it is best to have a first-aid kit and any basic or prescription medication on hand.

It’s also best to have a motorcycle tool kit, to help you make quick and easy repairs in remote areas.

Bring along a portable phone charger and make sure to keep your phone charged in case emergency strikes or just to unwind on some of those pit stops.

Packing tools is important