Where to eat in the "year of vegan"

After the success of Veganuary, Brisbane’s dining scene now has more vegan options than ever before.

Dining out can be hard when you’re vegan, but not anymore thanks to a new crop of vegan restaurants popping up.

Greenhouse Canteen + Bar, West End

Greenhouse vegan restaurant

Photo by Greenhouse Canteen

Straight from the Gold Coast, Greenhouse Canteen + Bar uses eucalyptus and recycled wood to create an ‘Australiana’ feel. Thankfully, no roos are served at these dinner tables – the menu features cauliflower wings and jackfruit enchiladas.

Flora by Greenhouse, West End

Flora vegan restaurant sandwich

Photo by Flora by Greenhouse

Greenhouse’s little sister, Flora, focuses on perfecting vegan deli fare which includes an amazing Rueben sandwich and pandan hot cakes. They’ve even mastered vegan rice “bacon”, which should not be judged before its tried. 

I like ramen, Fortitude Valley

I like ramen vegan restaurant food

Photo by I Like Ramen

Two ramen-loving blokes took over an old chicken joint in the Valley to make sure the meat-free population of Brisbane never go hungry. I like ramen boasts Australia’s first and only 100% plant-based ramen and possibly one of the biggest choices of vegan ramen broth ever seen.

Dicki’s, New Farm

Vegan big breakfast from Dickis restaurant

Photo by Dicki's

A simple, yet beautiful, café that sits unassumingly down the road from New Farm park. From the outside, you would never know the menu is completely plant-based. The food doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and the Dicki’s classic burger is not only photogenic but also has the perfect ratio of pickles, mustard, tomato and patty.

Yavanna, Paddington

Yavanna vegan restaurant food

Photo by Yavanna

Known for quirky desserts and being the only place to get a vegan steak or ribs with chips and gravy. The brains behind Yavanna, John Baker, Kate Borgo and Cale Drouin, wanted to create a menu full of indulgent, nostalgic and inclusive food to ensure that no one is left behind in the vegan revolution. 

The Green Edge, Windsor

The Green Edge vegan restaurant food

Photo by The Green Edge

There would be mass outrage if The Green Edge ever shut their doors. Eating at The Green Edge restaurant and then spending too much money in their grocery section is a rite of passage for all new vegans. The restaurant was once the only place for the meat-free inclined, but has had to up its game recently. They now offer plant-based burgers, curries, pastas and waffles that even non-vegans would criticise.

Grassfed, South Brisbane

Grassfed vegan restaurant food

Photo by Grassfed

Ex-Urbane chef Alejandro Caninco and Brisbane Vegan Market founder John Garrison have found themselves a spot on the trendy Fish Lane to help serve the hungry vegan hordes of Brisbane. Starting out at the Brisbane Vegan Markets, Grassfed offers a parred back menu of burgers, onion rings and Garrison’s extravagant ‘I Should Coco’ Ice Cream sundaes.  

Grown, West End

Grown vegan restaurant food

Photo by Sacha Muchall

Not only does Grown offer amazing dishes from local farmers, all food waste is donated to the Jane Street Community Garden. They are all about ethical and sustainable food practices, but the delicious and creative menu proves that doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.