Get fit with your furry friend

Your playful pup may keep you active with endless games of fetch and tug of war, but sometimes you might want to participate in an activity that’s a little more human-focused.

Try one of these pet-friendly workouts for a sweat session that both you and your dog will love.

1. Dog yoga

Relax and unwind with your pup at your side during dog yoga. Dog yoga, or ‘doga,’ is a partner yoga class in which your partner is, you guessed it, your dog. Using different poses and techniques, Doga can strengthen your bond with your four-legged friend while keeping you active and engaged.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is another great activity you can do with your dog. You’ll need to do a little training though. Teach your dog to enter and exit the boat by holding it steady and allowing them to jump in. You’ll want to ask your dog to sit immediately when they climb in to prevent the kayak from tipping. After your dog gets used to the boat, this might just become your favourite new activity. Don’t forget to buy your dog their own personal flotation device to keep them safe and secure.

3. Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is perfect for taking your dog on an outdoor adventure. Let your pup get used to the board before placing it in the water and create specific commands for hopping on and off. Like all water activities, make sure your dog wears their life jacket in case of any tumbles into deep water.

4. Dog-friendly boot camp

To really get your sweat on, try signing up for a dog-friendly boot camp. These camps typically have exercise sets for you and obstacle challenges for your dog. Varied activities allow you to get a great workout without your fur baby becoming bored. Remember to bring plenty of water to keep you and your dog hydrated.

5. Running

Running is one of the easiest ways to work out with your dog, but it does take some preparation and precaution. Do a bit of research on your dog’s breed to see what kind of runner they are. Can they cope with long distances? Is it safe for them to run every day? Once you know all of this, you can create a running schedule tailored to the two of you. It may take a bit of practice to coordinate your pace, but once you get going you won’t look back. Remember to check your pup’s paws when you return from each run to make sure they haven’t picked up anything from the trail.

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