Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week

Lead the way: drive so others survive.

In honour of the people who have been killed or injured on our roads, Australians are encouraged to wear a yellow ribbon, put a yellow ribbon on their car or make a pledge to be a safer driver during National Road Safety Week from 6-12 May. 

National Road Safety Week is an initiative of Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group founder Peter Frazer, whose 23-year-old daughter Sarah was killed in a road crash in 2012. 

Sarah was on her way to university in Wagga Wagga when her car broke down and she pulled into a breakdown lane on the Hume Highway. As her vehicle was being loaded on to a tow truck, Sarah and the tow truck driver who was helping her were killed instantly by a passing truck. 

“Unfortunately, the breakdown lane was only 1.5 metres wide which meant that her car was overhanging into a 110km/h lane and there was a guard rail beside it, meaning she couldn’t get off the road,” Mr Frazer said.  

Cars driving

To help protect others on the roadside, Mr Frazer started a petition for the Slow Down, Move Over legislation, which received 23,000 signatures and was represented by a yellow ribbon – Sarah’s favourite colour. 

“People started putting yellow ribbons on their vehicles as a way of showing solidarity,” Mr Frazer said. 

“It started off as our own symbol and then became the national symbol for road safety.”   

Seven years on, the SARAH Group is campaigning for changes to policy and legislation to ensure lives are not lost in preventable situations and asking drivers to take responsibility for their actions by making a pledge. 

This year, National Road Safety Week will coincide with and be part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week to promote the message “Drive So Others Survive”. 

“National Road Safety Week was set up specifically so that we could acknowledge those people who have been killed or seriously injured and say what are we going to do about it as a nation?” Mr Frazer said. 

RACQ’s fleet will display a yellow ribbon during National Road Safety Week alongside emergency vehicles, fleet trucks, cars, motorbikes and bicycles to promote road safety.

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