Bear was your typical happy-go-lucky dog – until he swallowed his squeaky toy.

Emergency veterinary surgery following a swallowed squeaky toy was a scenario dog-owner and RACQ member Shannon Sheehan had never envisioned.

Unfortunately for Shannon and her husband, the unlikely scenario become a reality when Bear, their three-year-old golden Labrador, swallowed his squeaky toy whole.

“Bear has always been very boisterous and would lick you until your skin peeled – he loves to be in the thick of conversation,” Shannon said.

“We knew Bear was unwell when he started throwing up about 30-45 minutes after his meal and 12 hours later he wasn’t running to meet us at the door or keeping his water down.”

Fearing the worst, Shannon took Bear to the vet the next morning where they diagnosed the problem.

“The vet felt his tummy, found an obstruction and, once imaging was finalised, they decided he needed surgery,” Shannon said.

“The vet asked if we had insurance and our response was, ‘yes, we are with RACQ’. He said that was good news and organised an estimated bill for the upcoming treatment, medications and cost to stay in the Animal Emergency Service.

“I cried when we left Bear as I thought it was our fault and that my husband and I should have taken him to the vet sooner.”

Luckily for the Sheehans the surgery was a success and Bear was back to his usual antics in no time.

Shannon said although Bear came out unscathed and was lucky to suffer no ongoing complications, she has made a conscious effort not to buy him another squeaky toy.

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