Membership FAQ's

Free2Go is RACQ's youth program designed for all Queenslanders aged 16-19 years old. 

Depending on your age when joining, you’ll get: 
  • Access to all RACQ's member benefits plus the additional benefit of the Free2Go program
  • 12 months free roadside assistance at 17 years of age, with personal assistance - whether you’re driving your own car or one that belongs to your parents or a friend
  • 12 months half price roadside assistance at 18 and 19 years of age.

If you would like to join or more information, head to the Free2Go website, contact Free2Go or visit an RACQ branch.

If you’re leaving Australia for up to three years, you can transfer your membership to Absentee Membership. This allows you to maintain your membership tenure while you are overseas, however it does not provide access to member benefits. You can request to transfer your membership to Absentee Membership by calling us on 13 1905, emailing or drop by an RACQ store.

When returning from overseas, simply contact RACQ and reinstate your ordinary membership by purchasing a membership eligible product, or opening an RACQ Bank account.

We’ve gone digital! You can access your digital membership card on the RACQ Discounts app, RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app or add it to your digital card wallet.

Click here to learn more.

Or, if you prefer a physical card please call 13 19 05 to request one.

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