RACQ Dining Reward allows registered RACQ members to earn cashback (rewards) on purchases made at participating restaurants automatically by using their registered Visa Credit, Debit, Pre-paid or Mastercard cards.

Below is some helpful information and problem solving tips. If this information does not answer your questions, please contact the Dining Rewards team at RACQdiningrewards@racq.com.au or call 13 1905.


Dining Rewards for Merchants FAQs

Is there a cost to join?

No, there is no joining fee for Dining Rewards merchants. Talk to the Dining Rewards team to discuss anthony@diningrewards.com.au.

Where will the RACQ Dining Rewards Program be advertised?

  • The Road Ahead magazine 
  • The Dining Rewards website 
  • Ongoing electronic direct mail campaigns and communications to RACQ Dining Rewards registered members 
  • RACQ Dining Rewards registered members’ Visa and Mastercard statements 
  • RACQ Dining Rewards registered members monthly transaction statements 
  • Various other RACQ exclusive member channels

How do I access the Merchant Portal?

Simply go to https://diningrewards.racq.com.au/Guest/LoginMerchant

How do I change my details?

Log in to your Merchant Portal and click on 'My details'. Alternatively you can contact the Dining Rewards team for assistance.

Lost login details?

Simply contact the Dining Rewards team and they can supply these to you.

Lost password?

Go to the Merchant Portal and click 'Forgot your password'. Alternatively you can contact the Dining Rewards team for assistance.

What is the Merchant Portal?

The Merchant Portal is where you can view your restaurant details, all program transactions and past invoices.  

Can I get more Dining Rewards POS materials (posters /business cards etc)?

Yes. Simply contact the Dining Rewards team.

Can I link my website to the Dining Rewards website?

Yes. We would certainly encourage you to do so.

Can I tell who is a Dining Rewards member?

No. For security purposes there will be no identifying member data provided and an RACQ Member is not required to show their RACQ Membership card to participating restaurants. However, a key part of the program benefits for participating restaurants is the rich source of de-identified data on RACQ Dining Rewards Patrons which will be emailed through to you on a monthly basis.

Can I update my images on the Dining Rewards website?

Yes. Simply email the images to RACQdiningrewards@racq.com.au

How are rewards calculated?

Rewards are calculated at 10% for the first $1000 of a dining transaction total.

How can I leave the Dining Rewards program?

Simply contact the Dining Rewards team and request that your account be closed. This will occur after the termination period outlined in your contract. 

How does the Program work with other offers?

Dining Rewards works independently of other offers, so if a patron uses a coupon then they will also get the Dining Rewards benefits on top of the coupon because it is on the transaction value.

What are “rewards”?

“Rewards” are the cash based rewards (or refund) back to an RACQ Member (less the RACQ fee). It is based on 10% of the RACQ members dining transaction total.

What happens on public holidays?

For public holidays the rewards are capped at 10% plus the RACQ fee.

When and how do I pay out the rewards?

Once a month the Dining Rewards member transactions will be tallied and your nominated bank account debited the required Rewards fees due.

Where do I put the advertising material?

A letter outlining the use of the RACQ Dining Rewards collateral will be sent to you prior to your commencement with the program explaining this. These are attached again to these FAQs for your convenience.

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