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Coastal Route
20% discount on the Daily Rental Rate and One Way Fee waived 

Booking Validity: Available for new bookings received between 30 January 2019 and 17 March 2019.  Pickup from: 4 March 2019 . Drop off by: 30 April  2019 .  Available from Brisbane and Cairns Beach. Available to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Branch.  Available for Apollo Vivid Camper.  Rate Plan: APAUCOAST

Perth Adventre 4WD Special
Pick-up in Perth and receive a 20% discount on the Net Flex and no one way fee

Booking Validity: Available for new bookings received between Now and 31 March  2019.  Pickup from: 30 October 2019 to 04 March 2020. Drop off by: 18 March  2020.  Available from Perth . Available to Perth, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane and Cairns . Available for Apollo Adventure Camper.  Rate Plan: A

Discover Darwin  
20% of daily rate and free table and chairs 

Booking Validity: Available for new bookings received between Now and 31 March 2019.  Pickup from: 1 February 2019. Drop off by: 1 Aprill 2019 to 17 April 2019.  Available from All Branches excluding Darwin and Hobart. Available to Darwin Branches. Available for All Apollo Vehicles excluding Vivid Camper, Euro Slider and Euro Star vehicles .  Rate Plan: APNTDRIVE


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  • Subject to availability at all times based on fleet capacity assigned to this special
  • Minimum rental as per normal conditions
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers 
  • The Long Term and Early Bird Discount does not apply
  • Normal terms & conditions, payment conditions and cancellation fees apply
  • Only applies to NEW bookings
  • Discount applies to the daily rental rate only
  • Rates quoted are in Australian Dollars 

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