Reliable motoring advice - just a phone call away

RACQ members get a first point of contact for advice around owning a car and driving throughout Queensland.

We have a range of information and advice around:
  • Unusual motoring situations – we’ve got information and tips on what you can do in unusual motoring situations.   
  • Buying a car – car reviews, price guides, car buying checklists, safety rating and much more, to help you buy your next car.  
  • Owning and maintaining a car – tips to help you save money, avoid a breakdown and look after your car. 
  • Selling a car – everything you need to know about getting your car ready to sell, trade-ins and other options around selling your car. 
  • Safety on the road – information around car safety features, choosing a safer car and keeping safe on the road. 
  • How to stay safe after an accident - tips to keep you safe after a breakdown or accident on the road.

Need to contact the RACQ Motoring Advice Service team?

Hours  Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5pm
Call Us Brisbane: 07 3666 9148
Outside Brisbane: 1800 623 456 
 Email us Motoring enquiry 

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