JESI trial with RACQ

At RACQ we’re passionate about keeping Queenslanders safe on the road. That’s why we’ve partnered with JESI and are asking members, just like you, to trial this traveller activity software. Try out JESI and give us your feedback on how you found the system. Feedback like yours will help us decide if we should extend this feature to our members in the future. It’s just one of the ways we’re giving more to members of RACQ.

When to use JESI?

Sometimes the unexpected can happen. Knowing someone will be alerted if you’re in trouble and can’t get in contact means help can be on its way, fast.

Trust in JESI when you or your loved ones are out and about and want extra peace of mind. Whether you’re on a road trip, overseas holiday, boating expedition, date, trek or simply want to know your kids are safe.

How JESI works

JESI is simple to use. Just register an account, log your trip and keep your family and friends updated.

  1. Register with JESI for free>
  2. Create your journey and planned check-in points
  3. You’ll be reminded to check-in by SMS/email at the checkpoints entered
  4. Simply reply to the SMS or click the email link to check-in
  5. If you don’t check-in, your emergency contacts will receive a notification alert.

Try JESI for free

We’re looking for loyal RACQ members to trial JESI and let us know how you found the system.

All you need to do is register for JESI and use it when you’re out and about next. Whether you’re travelling down the road, to work, domestically or internationally – take JESI with you and know you’ve got someone at home looking out for you.


JESI on iphone travelling australia in car with caravan

Got questions?

If you’re after more information check out the JESI website.