Roadside will help you if your vehicle won’t start or stops due to mechanical or electrical failure.  This means we can assist you if you get a flat tyre or a flat battery, run out of fuel or lock your keys in your car.

Features and benefits 

Roadside includes:

  • roadside assistance for your nominated vehicle, this means the vehicle is covered no matter who is driving
  • 24 hour roadside assistance attendance up to 50km
  • free towing up to 20km in any direction or if you’re in a regional area, this may increase up to 50km if you’re towed to the RACQ contractor’s premises or an immediate location en route.

You can also access our additional business services including:

When you purchase Roadside for business you become an RACQ business member giving you access to a range of benefits and discounts including:

Is your business eligible?

Roadside is for registered vehicles under 4 tonne gross weight (excluding taxis/limousines, hire vehicles, tractors and  farm equipment).

To find out if you’re eligible, call us on 13 1905.

Business member benefits included with this product
24-hr roadside assistanceUp to 50km from the attending RACQ Contractors premises
TowingUp to 20km in any direction or up to 50km in the direction of the RACQ contractor’s premises
Special towing
(after a breakdown)
RACQ arranges and driver pays
Emergency fuelRACQ arranges and driver pays
EntitlementsNo Travel Entitlements apply. Travel Entitlements are only offered under Business Plus Care
Price$104 per vehicle pa.

Get Roadside Assistance before you break down

If you purchase roadside assistance at the time of breakdown or when immediate assistance is required, a $98 immediate service charge will be applicable in addition to the product annual fee. 

Call 13 1905 to sign up now.

Vehicle weight, height and length limits apply. For more information, refer to the Important Information section below.

Business and Fleet FAQs

Vehicles are identified by their registration number. These details are collected when you commence your Roadside policy with RACQ.

You are eligible to apply for Roadside Assistance regardless of where the vehicle is registered in Australia, provided your Business resides predominately in Queensland.

  • New South Wales registered vehicles, contact NRMA
  • Victorian registered registered vehicles, contact RACV
  • South Australian registered vehicles, contact RAA
  • Western Australian registered vehicles, contact RAC
  • Northern Territory registered vehicles, contact AANT
  • Tasmanian registered vehicles, contact RACT

Roadside for business or  Plus Care for business would be available to you.  A minimum of 21 vehicles is needed to be eligible for Fleet Care (this minimum does not apply to rental fleets).

View more Business Roadside Assistance FAQs

Visit the Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions page to see conditions that apply

Roadside Assistance T&C's

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