The last place you want to be is stuck on the side of the road – that’s where RACQ roadside can help.

If you drive shorter distances, our roadside assistance cover will give you the peace of mind knowing that we’ll be there to get you back on the road fast in the event of a breakdown. We get 93% of Queenslanders back on the road without towing.

Avoid the $120 surcharge if you need to join at the time of your breakdown. Sign up today and know you’re covered by Queensland’s largest roadside fleet.

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Cover for your car with up to 20km of towing for $99 / yr

In a breakdown we'll cover you for:

What's included in your Roadside cover?

Car or personal cover? Cover for your car, no matter who’s drivingThis option covers the vehicle currently nominated.
Travel distance
Free towing after a breakdown, including eligible Caravan/Trailer if attached to Nominated Vehicle (which has been towed by RACQ)
  • 20km or 50km* regionally

* To the attending RACQ contractor's premise or an immediate location en route


Get Roadside today for only $99 per year with no joining fee.

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Get Roadside Assistance before you break down

If you purchase Roadside Assistance at the time of breakdown, a $120 immediate service charge will be applicable in addition to the product annual fee.

Not sure which cover is right for you? Our online comparison tool can help you out. Find out more now