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Vehicles are identified by their registration number. These details are collected when you commence your Roadside policy with RACQ.

You are eligible to apply for Roadside Assistance regardless of where the vehicle is registered in Australia, provided your Business resides predominately in Queensland.

  • New South Wales registered vehicles, contact NRMA
  • Victorian registered registered vehicles, contact RACV
  • South Australian registered vehicles, contact RAA
  • Western Australian registered vehicles, contact RAC
  • Northern Territory registered vehicles, contact AANT
  • Tasmanian registered vehicles, contact RACT

Roadside for business or  Plus Care for business would be available to you.  A minimum of 21 vehicles is needed to be eligible for Fleet Care (this minimum does not apply to rental fleets).

It is worthwhile to compare roadside assistance options and determine what’s best for your individual fleet.  An important note to consider is our Fleet Care does have a charge back facility.  This would ensure that drivers are not out of pocket for situations where a battery needs to be replaced or extra towing beyond entitlements are required.

Your company vehicles are covered 24 hours a day, all year round.

Where a vehicle requires a jack with a lifting capacity of greater than 1.6 tonne, a heavy duty jack will need to be provided by the driver.  Where the weight of the wheel and tyre assembly is beyond the safe lifting capacity of a single person, additional assistance can be called and will attract an extra service fee.

The vehicles are covered.  A designated driver is not required.

The main requirement is that these vehicles are part of your business fleet, whether owned or leased.

We have a comparison table with our Roadside, Plus Care and Fleet Care products.  This can help you choose the type of cover suitable for your own fleet requirements.

This can be done by logging into the Fleet Portal, emailing or calling 1800 069 543.

  • For our Fleet Care members, a monthly invoice is sent detailing the previous month's call outs.  You can call 07 3361 2429 for Fleet enquiries.
  • For our Roadside or Plus Care members, call out details can be obtained by calling us on 13 1905 for Business enquiries.  

Yes, a reciprocal road service agreement is in place between RACQ and our partner motoring clubs across Australia.

Complimentary service does not include towing where the length of the nominated vehicle exceeds 5.5m, 2.3m in width, 2.0m in height and/or the vehicle weight exceeds 3.0 tonnes GVM loaded or unloaded.  If your vehicle weight is between 3 and 4 tonne, this will attract an additional fee which you will be advised of at time of call-out.  This is dependent upon location of breakdown and availability of a suitable tow truck.  Any tow for a vehicle that is over 4 tonne is automatically chargeable, you will be advised of the fee at time of call out. If you are a Fleet Care client, this may be placed on account.

Our billing cycle is an annual review commencing from the date your business joined RACQ.  For our Fleet Care, a monthly invoice is sent for any call outs attended to in the previous month.

You can apply for Roadside and Plus Care by either our join online for business or call 13 1905.  If you wish to apply for Fleet Care (over 20 Queensland registered vehicles) simply complete the Fleet Care application

For any adjustments to your fleet size, please contact us on 13 1905 (Businesses - under 21 vehicles) or 1800 069 543 (Fleet - 21 vehicles and over).

Payments can be made by cheque or by credit card.  For Fleet Care, monthly invoices can be paid by BPay.

This would only occur under Roadside for business or  Plus Care for business, eg to replace batteries. This would need to be paid for at the time of the call out.  Fleet Care has a charge back facility available and any additional charges can be billed back to the monthly invoice.

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