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If you have Comprehensive Car Insurance and have chosen the Optional benefit ‘Hire car after an incident’ we will pay for a hire car chosen by us, for up to 21 days and up to $75 a day, after an incident when your vehicle is damaged in an incident other than a theft or an incident where another driver was entirely responsible, Silver, Gold and Gold 50 RACQ members who hold Roadside Assistance receive this benefit at no extra cost.

If you have any specific health or personal circumstances which would inhibit your use of a particular vehicle, please discuss this with your Claims Management Officer. Please refer to the PDS and any applicable SPDS for more information.

If we can determine a third party was entirely responsible, then we may be able to waive the excess payable.

To assist us in confirming who is entirely responsible, you should collect and provide us with the following details:

  • the other driver’s full name, phone number and residential address, and
  • the make, type and registration details of their vehicle (if another vehicle was involved).

You can change your parking/garage address on your car insurance online. Simply login to your My RACQ profile, select the vehicle you want to update, go to ‘Insured address’ change then follow the prompts. You can also update your details by calling us on 13 1905.

For most circumstances that might result in a claim this general exclusion is expected to have minimal impact. Some examples of how you would not be able to claim on your motor policy are:

  • You have a passenger in your vehicle who is later confirmed as having a disease e.g. Coronavirus. You want to have your vehicle cleaned to ensure it is not contaminated. You are not able to claim for this cleaning.
  • Your vehicle is parked at a hospital that goes into lock down due to a pandemic spread, you are not able to claim for a hire car while your vehicle is unable to be driven.
  • You have had a passenger in your vehicle, and it is later confirmed that you have had the Coronavirus. Your passenger also then contracts the virus from being in the car with you. The passenger is not able to claim under the Section of ‘Third Party Liability Cover’.

The ‘Disease’ exclusion in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) means that you are not covered under your policy for loss or damage or legal liability which is caused by or arises in connection with -

Any disease, or fear or threat of any disease, that can be transmitted between living things:

  • by any substance or agent, including any virus, bacteria, parasite, or other organism, and
  • by any method, including by air or bodily fluid, or from or to any thing, whether solid object, liquid, or gas.

If a disease cannot be transmitted between living things as described here it does not fall under this exclusion.

For policies with an effective date on or after 1st August 2020, a general exclusion for ‘Disease’ will apply. This exclusion is in relation to any disease that can be transmitted between living things. If you have a ‘Disease’ you may still legally be allowed to drive a vehicle. The exclusion might impact your cover for a car accident if the disease was a cause of the accident or contributed to a claim.

The ‘Disease’ exclusion can be found in your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) that is available on the RACQ website. Please read the PDS, and any applicable SPDS to ensure you are aware of what you are covered for and any changes.

If you are not sure if you should make an insurance claim, give us a call on 13 7202 and one for our friendly claims staff will be able to assist you.

Yes. The age excesses and inexperienced driver excess do not apply if an incident happens and the driver of your vehicle:

  • holds a current learner’s licence, and
  • is using your vehicle to get supervised on road driving experience, and
  • the supervisor holds a current and appropriate class of licence in line with the law and the relevant road transport authority.

These excesses also do not apply if the driver of your vehicle:

  • is using your vehicle to road test it after they service or repair it and they work for a business that offers motor vehicle repairs or services motor vehicles for the public on a full time commercial basis.

RACQ will cover anyone driving your vehicle with your consent, provided they are licenced to drive your vehicle and not excluded on your policy. We do ask that you list all regular drivers on your policy. Additional excesses may apply due to age, driving, claims or criminal history.

All policyholders listed on a policy, should have a financial interest in the vehicle. If your child is the registered owner of the vehicle it should be insured in their name.

If your child would like to allow you to make changes to their policy on their behalf, they can add you as an Authorised Party on their membership with us.

We do not cover custom paint, vinyl wrap or modifications that may alter the performance, safety or handling of the vehicle unless they are listed on your Certificate of Insurance.  We do however cover other accessories such as window tint, floor mats, paint protection etc without you needing to list these accessories on your Certificate of Insurance. To discuss whether we can cover your modifications, please contact us on 13 1905.

No. Regular drivers should be listed on your policy, however, your policy will provide cover to anyone that you have given permission to drive your vehicle.

Please note:

  • Learner drivers must be accompanied by a fully licenced driver at all times.
  • Unlisted drivers under the age of 25, will incur a double age excess in the event of a claim (except learner drivers).

If you would like to insure your vehicle for more than the amount we have offered online, contact us to discuss this on 13 1905 or by visiting your nearest RACQ branch.

As a younger driver, you have less experience than other drivers on the road. Statistically, you are at a greater risk of having an accident. You may be liable to pay an additional excess on top of your policy’s basic excess. This additional excess, if applicable, will be listed on your quote as well as your Certificate of Insurance if you purchase the policy.

Yes, your cars, boats and caravans are covered in Australia if you have an incident that occurs during the period of insurance.

Our boat insurance will provide cover up to 200 nautical miles from the Australian or Tasmanian mainland.

No. CTP is a compulsory insurance that is included in your vehicle registration. CTP covers you for injury claims made against you, when you are considered ‘at fault’ in an accident.

If you choose to insure your vehicle for a market value, the value of your vehicle will be determined when you make a claim for an incident. This will be calculated based on your local car market, the age and condition of your vehicle and the kilometres it has travelled.

When you choose an agreed value policy, the value of your vehicle will be mutually agreed on by yourself and RACQ. This value will remain valid until your next renewal. At renewal, if you do not agree with the new value you have been offered, you can call us to discuss this.

No. Your learners does not count towards the number of years you have held your licence. Only calculate the years since you started on your Provisional or Open Licence.

No. You are not required to list learner drivers on your policy. However, learner drivers must be accompanied while driving as per the relevant road rules.

If a learner driver will drive your car, after obtaining their provisional licence, contact us to add them to your policy. Unlisted drivers (except learners), under 25 years of age, will incur a double age excess at claim time.

This depends on the age of the driver.

Adding an additional driver over the age of 25, will not impact your premium on a comprehensive motor policy.

Adding a driver under the age of 25, may impact your premium. If you choose not to list them, they will incur a double age excess in the event of a claim.

If the most regular driver of your car changes, the policy will be rated on that driver and the premium will most likely change.

Yes. We can provide cover for your registered vehicle, if you are unsure of the registration number. You can provide this information at any time by contacting us.

Yes. We are more than happy to insure acceptable vehicles on the same policy. As an added bonus, if you do this, you will be eligible for a combined discount.

Yes. We can provide cover for your vehicle, providing you have informed us of your intention to do so, and we have agreed to cover you.

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