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Most car insurance providers cover windscreen repairs and replacements. If you'd like to claim insurance for your repair, contact your insurance provider. They may find a repairer for you and you could even get a lifetime warranty on the work they complete.

Simple at-home checks can help you see if your seals need a repair or replacement.

             Check the quality of your seal. Is it rusty or damaged? Is the bond peeling off?

             Check for leaks by having a friend hose the window and stay inside looking for obvious leaks.

             Use a hose and run water down the seal. Look for any water escaping the seal.

The cost of a windscreen repair can be as little as $60, depending on the size and location of the damage. A repair is a great choice if the damage is less than the size of a $2 coin and it's not in the driver’s Critical Vision Area (CVA).

New windscreen prices are calculated on the make and model of your car. Usually they start around $200 and go upwards from there. If the strength of your windscreen is compromised, it's always best to get a replacement. RACQ members also save 20% on the cost of their replacement.

An auto glass technician can replace your damaged windscreen easily. The process can take anywhere from an hour up to a day, depending on the bonding materials used. Contact the repairer and get a quote based on your car make and model.

The technician will cut the bonding material or remove the rubber seal, take out the cracked windscreen, clean the frame, remove any rust, fit the new windscreen and re-bond the sealant. Your car may need to stand for a few hours to let the bond set, but after this it'll be good to go.

If you've got a leaking glass seal your first step is to move your car under cover. To be 100% sure it's your glass seal leaking check for other possible causes of leaks first. These could be;

• cracks in the windscreen or window. If you find a crack you may need a windscreen repair or replacement

• water around or coming out of air conditioning vents

• holes in the car body

• damage in the door seal

• water coming from the sunroof.

Once you can rule out any other source of leaking, it's time to check on your window seals.

Your windscreen and windows are set into your car frame with rubber seals or bonded with a glue seal. It’s common for these seals to start leaking due to age, damage, or wear and tear. This window seal is important as it keeps the interior of your car comfortable and protected. If the seal is faulty the driver may be exposed to rain and harsh wind and your car could suffer damage.

If you're unsure if your windscreen needs a repair or replacement have a look at the chip itself. If it's smaller than an Australian $2 coin and not in the driver's vision you may only require a repair. If it's any bigger, you'll likely need a windscreen replacement.

When there's any concerns on the safety of your windscreen an auto glass technician should always recommend a windscreen replacement. If you've got a crack big enough to need a replacement, it's best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Large windscreen cracks weaken your windscreen and any small bump can cause a lot of damage.

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