Cairo, Egypt

Cairo today is very different from what you see in blockbuster movies. A boiling hub of politics, religion and ancient remnants, the Cairene people often refer to the capital as the Mother of the World.

The capital is densely populated by over 20 million people and seemingly squeezes the cities infrastructure to it's limits.

Ancient Egypt is the main tourist attraction with sights like The Pyramids of Giza, The Great Sphinx, Babylon Fortress and the Nile River. You can take an organised and private tour of the pyramids and step back in time then enjoy a dinner cruise along the Nile River.

Once you have experienced Ancient Egypt step forward in time and further into Egypt’s rich history. A tour of the Egyptian Museum is a must, followed by a shopping trip through Khan el-Khalili bazaar and a visit to the Alabaster Mosque. The Alabaster Mosque is Cairo's most popular Islamic attraction and is still a place of worship today for Muslims.

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