Port Vila, Vanuatu

Port Vila is a tropical paradise with diverse landscapes and extraordinary activities and attractions to experience. Zorbing, zip lining and waterfall massages are just a few of the many unusual things you’ll find to do in the region. The city, which sits on the island of Efate, is the capital and largest municipality on the island nation of Vanuatu.

If you Rent a bicycle to ride around the island for a laid back experience that gives you the freedom to appreciate the picturesque views of the sea and cliffs. Regular ferries will take you back to Port Vila whenever you wish.

Visit the Summit Gardens, which lay claim to the largest tropical gardens in the South Pacific. There’s a wonderful café in the park that is good for lunch. Local cuisine tends to feature coconut milk and exotic fruits. The traditional and popular drink, kava, contains a mild narcotic so you should be careful when trying it. Find yourself flying through the forest on the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline. Sit inside an inflatable ball that rolls down a water slide at the Wet ‘n’ Wild Zorbing activity. 

Relax on the stunning beaches of Eton Village. The small village is home to many indigenous people and a charming school. Swim in the Blue Lagoon and relax on the soft, white sand of Eton Beach itself. 

Need to get away from the city? 

Take a 16.7-kilometre (10.4-mile) cab ride to Mele Bay, a village jam-packed with natural wonders. Hike upstream through the rainforest to the Mele Cascades where you can enjoy a natural hydro-massage courtesy of the waterfalls. 

Several smaller islands surround Efate. Iririki Island is a private paradise resort where you can stay at one of the waterfront huts. If colourful exotic fish are to your liking, then the resort’s snorkelling option is for you. Also try scuba diving and kayaking for those small buses and taxis will take you around the island. Just to the north of the city, you will find the Bauerfield International Airport. The wet season in this part of the world is from December to May. The weather is slightly cooler and far drier in August and September.

Whether you are an adventurous soul or a relaxed sunbather, you will never tire of the innovative activities and countless beaches in and around Port Vila.

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