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Australian Age of DinosaursAustralian Age of Dinosaurs:  

The world’s largest collection of fossils from Australia’s biggest dinosaurs are housed at Australian Age of Dinosaurs, a prominent not-for-profit museum and major tourist attraction. It is focused on preserving Australia’s fossil past for future generations to learn from and find inspiration in. The Museum includes the Fossil Preparation Laboratory, the most productive in the Southern Hemisphere, the Reception Centre housing the holotype specimens of “Australovenator wintonensis”, “Diamantinasaurus matildae” and “Savannasaurus elliottorum”, and Dinosaur Canyon, an outdoor exhibition featuring life-sized bronze dinosaurs. As a tourism operator, the Museum offers visitors world-class customer service, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and up-to-date scientific knowledge. To deliver on its scientific endeavours the Museum actively supports and promotes the research of palaeontology in the Central West region through its annual dinosaur dig and publication of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal.

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