Professional driving lessons

Once you’ve passed your written road rules test, start learning to become the safest driver possible by having lessons with a professional instructor. 

When you want to start driving lessons and are looking for an accredited driving instructor, don’t assume cheapest is best. Keep the following in mind: 
  • the instructor’s licence and experience
  • the length of the lessons
  • whether they follow a structured approach with defined objectives
Our network of Approved Driving Schools helps novice drivers take the right steps towards establishing correct driving skills, knowledge and behaviour. These schools also cater for post-licence drivers.

Learn to drive

Our youth membership program helps you get your licence and be safe on the roads. The free2go website has a huge amount of resources, offers and discounts. We even have a Learn2go app for Apple and a Learn2go app for Android that helps you log your driving hours on the go. 

Log your driving hours with our logbook app for mobile

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