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Owner occupied - you own the home or have a mortgage on the property and you also reside in the home.

Landlord - you own the home or have a mortgage on the property and rent it out to tenants.

Renter - you rent the property from the landlord.

Home and contents 
Covers you for both your building and contents. 

Home only 
Covers the building itself. 

Contents only 
We cover your household goods and personal items located at the insured address.  

Please see the PDS any relevant SPDS for more information.

What's the address of the property you want to insure?

e.g 103 Adelaide St, Brisbane 4000

RACQ members may be entitled to discounts on their insurance.

You are an RACQ member if you have any of the following:

  • RACQ Roadside Assistance
  • RACQ Lifestyle
  • RACQ Insurance
  • RACQ Bank products
  • RACQ Home Rescue

Excludes RACQ CTP Insurance and Travel Insurance.

You are eligible for a multi-policy discount if you already have two or more of the following policies with RACQ:
  • Car Insurance (each vehicle is one policy). Example, if you have 2 cars insured with RACQ now and insure your contents with us, you will be eligible for a multi-policy discount.
  • Home Insurance
  • Contents Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Caravan and Trailer Insurance
  • Pet Insurance

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