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Roadside Assistance App terms and conditions

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Waiting Period

  • There is a 24-hour waiting period for RACQ Roadside Assistance following the processing and approval of applications
  • There is a 72-hour waiting period for Plus Care, Ultra Care and RACQ Ultimate benefits following the processing and approval of applications for these options.
  • Benefits do not apply to any incident occurring within these waiting periods.

Roadside assistance benefits

Upon purchasing RACQ Roadside Assistance, you will receive a product brochure that outlines your roadside assistance entitlements. These product brochures can also be accessed by clicking the links below. Information on roadside entitlements following a breakdown is also available from our Roadside Assistance Explained page.

Product Terms and Conditions


  • Roadside Assistance is valid for one year from the payment of the annual fee. A renewal will be issue approximately 4 weeks prior to the expiry date.
  • An immediate surcharge fee may apply in certain situations. See Roadside Assistance Explained for further information.
  • If you choose to upgrade your Roadside Assistance; additional fees apply to upgrade options.
  • All fees are valid from 1 July 2015 and are inclusive of GST. 
  • Services are provided as per the benefits and limits of the selected Roadside Assistance option (Roadside/Roadside Extra/Plus Care/Ultra Care/RACQ Ultimate).  Where the cost of these services exceeds the benefit limit, some additional fees may be incurred by the driver.


Roadside Assistance fees and other fees paid to RACQ and its Contractors are not refundable other than for consideration of a roadside assistance call reimbursement.  No refunds will be given on an unexpired subscription.


Where payment is made for roadside assistance in excess of or in lieu of entitlement at no charge  and you feel extenuating circumstances exist, you may apply to RACQ for consideration of an ex-gratia payment. Your application should include all relevant details, accompanied by the original receipt covering payment, be signed by you and submitted within 90 days of the call for Service.  This correspondence can be addressed to RACQ Road Service Manager, PO Box 4, Springwood QLD 4127.

Excess Use

Where roadside assistance is requested more frequently than RACQ considers reasonable, members may be requested to ensure that any nominated vehicles requiring assistance are placed in a sound mechanical and roadworthy condition. Until this has been done, any further requests for free service may be refused or service provided for a fee.

For more information about RACQ’s Roadside Assistance excess Use program.


When you purchase RACQ Roadside Assistance you will become an RACQ member. This means you can access a range of exclusive member benefits.

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