Find out about fuel prices before you hit the road

We’ve pulled together comprehensive monthly reports on fuel prices so you can check out the trends in Brisbane, and compare our fuel prices to those in other Australian capital cities and regional areas.

Fuel Prices in Queensland Factsheet

RACQ dissects the cost of fuel, highlighting who gets a share of your fuel bill. 
Fuel Prices in Queensland (PDF 222KB)

The RACQ Fair Fuel Price is calculated on the price of oil and the Terminal Gate Price plus reasonable costs and margins. 

In South East Queensland, the RACQ Fair Fuel Price accounts for the price cycle and provides an indication of what an appropriate Fair Fuel Price is for each day in the cycle. 

For further details about how the RACQ Fair Fuel price service works, see the Fact Sheet.
The recommendations we make are in good faith, but you must rely on your own judgement when making a decision to buy petrol or to wait. RACQ does not set fuel prices and is not responsible for price movements. RACQ is not liable if you end up paying more for fuel as a result of the information it provides

Monthly Fuel Price Reports (PDF)

Annual Fuel Price Reports

RACQ Annual Fuel Price Report 2014 (PDF 1.6 MB)

*Fuel information on the site is updated twice daily by MotorMouth for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

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