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RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price is based on market data and RACQ research. It is what RACQ considers to be a fair fuel price for unleaded petrol in South East Queensland and provides motorists with an indication of what they should pay for fuel. 

Prices for unleaded petrol and diesel in 30 different regional areas around Queensland are also covered, based on what RACQ believes is a reasonable margin.

* RACQ is unable to provide fair fuel price for PULP98 and LPG.
Cheapest price data is provided by MotorMouth.
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RACQ Fuel Price Advice - 1 June 2016

RACQ's Fuel Price Advice gives you the latest information to get a benchmark fuel price near you. RACQ Spokesperson, Renee Smith gives an update for 1 June 2016.

RACQ Fair Fuel Price and how it works

The RACQ Fair Fuel Price is calculated on the price of oil and the Terminal Gate Price plus reasonable costs and margins. 

In South East Queensland, the RACQ Fair Fuel Price accounts for the price cycle and provides an indication of what an appropriate Fair Fuel Price is for each day in the cycle. 

For further details about how the RACQ Fair Fuel price service works, see the Fact Sheet.

Fair Fuel Price Terms and Conditions

RACQ makes no recommendation to consumers whether or not to purchase fuel. Fuel pricing is volatile and your own judgment should be applied when making a decision to purchase fuel. The information on Fair Fuel Pricing is provided in good faith and to assist consumers find the best location for pricing, subject to available information. Not all fuel outlets or companies participate in reporting to RACQ on Fair Fuel Pricing. RACQ attempts to ensure that prices are current at the time of publication. However RACQ cannot guarantee real time pricing synchronisation. RACQ denies any liability to consumers for reliance on the Fair Fuel Pricing reporting.