Wrong fuel in your car?

Our RACQ Fuel Assist team are roadside specialists and offer the only mobile fuel draining service in Queensland. When you’ve pumped the wrong fuel remember to stop your car immediately and call us:

RACQ Fuel Assist 

We'll get you back on the road without towing or costly engine repairs.

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Petrol in diesel car

Diesel cars rely on lubricated engines to work.  Putting petrol in a diesel car causes catastrophic engine damage.

  • Any amount of petrol in a diesel car can cause damage
  • Ways to fix mis-fuelling a diesel car include:

- Draining incorrect fuel

- Fuel system repairs

  - Fuel system replacements

If you’ve incorrectly used petrol in a car with a rail diesel injection system it’s important to keep your car engine turned off.  When the engine runs, the fuel pump circulates the incorrect petrol leading to an expensive engine repair.

Diesel in petrol car

Using diesel in a petrol car is immediately noticeable as the engine won’t run, or the car runs badly.

  • Loss of power, seeing exhaust smoke and oil contamination are signs of incorrect diesel fuelling
  • Ways to fix mis-fuelling a petrol car include:

- Draining diesel fuel

- Changing the fuel filter

  - Flushing the car engine

Incorrect petrol used in car

Most cars in Australia run on low octane 91 RON. The high octane equivalent, 95 and 98, are getting more popular. While using a high-octane in a car that needs 91 will only hurt your pocket, using 91 in a car that needs 95 or 98 can cause significant damage.

  • A low octane car runs better on a higher-octane fuel better than if the situation is reversed. 
  • Some cars requiring high-octane fuels can still operate on 91, however there is a risk your car will suffer engine damage
  • Reduced power, lower fuel economy and engine damage are signs of a low-octane fuel being used incorrectly
  • Ways to fix a car that requires a high-octane fuel includes:

- Draining incorrect petrol 

- Flushing fuel through the tank

- Engine repairs

Remember to call RACQ Fuel Assist if you experience any petrol or diesel fuelling mistake. We can drain the incorrect fuel and avoid expensive towing and engine repairs.

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