1Roadside Option

Roadside options
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  • $104.00/yr
  • You'll get
    • 24hr attendance, up to 50km
    • Nominated vehicle covered, no matter who is driving
    • Only drive locally - includes up to 20km towing after breakdown
    • Want to have all the basics covered
  • $172.00/yr
    • 24hr attendance, up to 100km
    • Nominated vehicle covered, no matter who is driving
    • Includes extra benefits, up to $1,100 p.a.
    Great if you
    • Want extra benefits like fuel, locksmith and travel benefits
    • Includes up to 50km towing after a breakdown Like to go on short road trips – includes up to 60km towing after breakdown
    • Want extra benefits like fuel, rental car, taxi, travel benefits and more
Roadside for business and fleet options

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The vehicle must be registered, operational & meet the requirements of a Safety Certificate.

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