Affordable supply and infrastructure needed before we go all electric: RACQ

RACQ has warned against calls for the Federal Government to follow Britain’s ban on new petrol, diesel or hybrid cars within 15 years.

The Brisbane Times reported new figures from the Electric Vehicle Council revealed electric car sales had more than tripled in Australia in the last 12 months alone.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said the lack of supply of affordable electric vehicles (EV) in Australia was one of the main drivers behind their low uptake by consumers.

“For consumers to look at them seriously as an alternative to existing petrol and diesel engines, we need a range of vehicles that are not only more affordable but capable of meeting the many varied mobility needs of motorists,” Mr Spalding said.

“You can buy a small fuel-efficient vehicle for as little as around $20,000 but when you start to move into the market for an electric vehicle it’s difficult to purchase a car for less than $40,000.

“They do have lower daily running costs, but the up-front cost is considerably higher.”

Mr Spalding said while the Club supported electric vehicles, more infrastructure was still needed to support the transition on a large scale.

“Motorists already have the ability to travel up the eastern seaboard in an electric vehicle,” he said.

“There is a network of EV fast charging stations from Coolangatta to Cairns and inland from Brisbane to Toowoomba, but the longer distances in many regional areas isn’t yet catered for,” he said.

“For city and suburban drivers though, an overnight charge will usually give them enough power for at least a day of driving or more of local driving.”