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Whether you're hitting the open road or buying a run-around, it's important to know your car is ready to hit the road. Little faults can cause a lot of damage, and they're not always noticeable to the untrained eye. That's where our team of experienced technicians comes in. Whether you're after a pre-purchase inspection, safety certificate, or comprehensive mechanical check, we'll assess your car and give you a report you can trust.

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Your technician will use a hand-held computer to compile a report on the checks below, with the number of checks completed depending on the inspection you choose. They’ll also include supporting photos where possible.

Vehicle inspection details
With all wheels and brake drums removed, brakes are inspected (exception: dual rear wheel vehicles).
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Body (panels and paint)
General panel and paint condition. Checking for signs of repair and damage.
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Interior trim including seats, restraints, window and door mechanisms.
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Condition of windscreen and operation of all windows.
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Door locks
Including central locking mechanisms.
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Under body inspection
Including panels, frames, steering and suspension, exhaust and driveline components.
 Tick icon  Tick icon  Tick icon
Road wheels
Including tyre tread depth and condition.
 Tick icon  Tick icon  Tick icon
Including cooling system pressure test and component check, drive belts, engine oil level and condition, computer fault codes.
 Tick icon Tick icon   Tick icon
Oil leaks
Report on all visible engine, driveline and brake system oil leaks.
 Tick icon  Tick icon  Tick icon
Electrical system
Including battery, alternator and charging system check, light operation and condition, horn, heater demister and air-conditioning operation.
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Road test
Testing steering, suspension, brake operation, engine and driveline operation.
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 RACQ Vehicle Inspection price list
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Master Check
Eligible Vehicles
$310.00 $360.00
Mechanical Check
Eligible Vehicles
Mobile Inspection
Eligible Vehicles
Mobile Inspection with Safety Certificate
Eligible Vehicles
Mobile Safety Certificate
Eligible Vehicles
Mobile Safety Certificate Recheck
Eligible Vehicles
General Recheck
Eligible Vehicles
Car History Check
Eligible Vehicles

Why choose RACQ for your vehicle inspection?

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    Give your buyer peace of mind

    RACQ has a reputation for conducting honest, professional inspections.

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    We have qualified inspectors

    Our team of experienced technicians know cars inside and out. 

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    We can come to a car dealership or your home

    Book a mobile check today for your new or used car. 

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    Take advantage of RACQ member discounts

    Members save up to $50 on the RRP of vehicle inspections.  

RACQ Vehicle Inspection locations

We have dozens of RACQ vehicle inspectors throughout Queensland. Find your local workshop or ask us about booking a mobile vehicle inspection today.

Things to note

Before booking an RACQ Vehicle Inspection, please ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions. If you have any questions relating to the terms and conditions, please call 1800 629 501.