About RACQ’s advocacy

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) is proud to be Queensland’s advocate for safe, affordable, and sustainable mobility. As Queensland’s largest club, with more than 1.7 million members, RACQ works hard to influence government and decision makers to secure better transport outcomes for Queenslanders.

In accordance with RACQ’s advocacy charter, we aim to ensure Queenslanders have safe, affordable and sustainable mobility across a range of motoring and transport interests including:

  • Fuel and energy
  • Road safety
  • Traffic, road, public, and active transport infrastructure
  • Transport funding
  • Emerging and future mobility

Affecting change in Queensland

Our members care about better roads and transport and rely on us to give them a voice at the political level. They want easier access to health care and education, and transport systems that get them there safely and efficiently.

Ahead of each State Government election, RACQ releases its priority policies and transport projects to:

  • Improve the safety of road users
  • Address the cost of owning and driving a car
  • Enhance the performance of our transport network

In the two years since the release of the last Mobility Matters in 2020, RACQ has lobbied and worked with government to deliver safe, affordable, and sustainable transport outcomes to benefit Queenslanders.

Our current advocacy campaign looks to the future, but we are also focused on meeting our members’ current mobility needs and addressing issues such as congestion, road safety, transport costs, and network condition.

Mobility Matters 2020-2024 calls on government to share our commitment for safe, affordable, and sustainable transport policies and infrastructure to benefit Queenslanders.

Click below to view an interactive map which highlights RACQ's priority projects to improve Queensland's transport network.

You can also view how these projects are positioned alongside other government and mobility features including public transport, electric vehicle chargers, toll points, and electoral boundaries.

View Projects Map

RACQ’s advocacy priorities and policies

Fuel and driving costs
Factsheets and reports on fuel, parking, registration, tolls and more.
Transport for a better Queensland
Explore Queensland's transport network and RACQ's priority projects.
Roads and infrastructure
Lobbying for safe and efficient transport.
Reports and research
Library of past reports and submissions on transport issues.
Member and community surveys
Your voice on transport issues.
Future mobility
Queensland and the future of transport.

Advocacy Charter

RACQ is the independent advocate for 1.7 Million Queenslanders on the roads, in the home, and within our communities.

This means we will:

  • Understand our current and future members' needs and priorities through regular engagements and credible research
  • Advocate on behalf of our membership to all levels of government, using our independence and strong voice on their behalf
  • Communicate our policies and other significant advocacy initiatives to our members and other stakeholders

Read the RACQ Advocacy Charter.

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