RACQ is urging that resilience by placed at the centre of decision making and policy

Resilient Homes

Where our mission is to ensure Queensland homes are the most resilient in Australia, built or renovated smarter, and more resource efficient.

  • Increase government investment in resilience programs like the expansion of the Household Resilience Program for cyclone extended to flood.
  • Increase investment in resilience projects that significantly lowers the risk from natural disasters (like the Bundaberg levee).
  • Improve land use planning the leads to less homes being built in harm's way.
  • Strengthen building standards for new and renovated homes to better adapt to climate change.

Financial Resilience

Where our mission is that our members and Queenslanders are financially protected from growing impacts of climate change through sustainability of insurance.

  • Ensure insurance is affordable for all Queenslanders
  • Removal or reform of Stamp Duty on Insurance

Resilience Environment

Our mission would be supporting nature-based solutions. Protecting the build environment through restoration, rehabilitation and management of vegetation and the wider natural environment.

Resilient Roads and Infrastructure

To lessen disaster impacts and speed up community recovery through building more resilience transport and community infrastructure.

  • Build better quality roads and infrastructure that can withstand various weather events and also building back better following an event.
  • Assisting community groups and organisations ensure their facilities are more resilient.

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