Working for an affordable zero-low emission transition

RACQ advocates to ensure Queenslanders have safe, affordable and sustainable mobility across a range of motoring and transport interests, including:

  • Electric vehicles: To help decarbonise Queensland’s transport system through support for transition, and industry development opportunities, while meeting the diverse needs of Queenslanders from different regions and with different vehicle requirements.
  • EV charging: To provide RACQ members with affordable and sustainable EV charging across all of Queensland through providing access to a range of charging options.
  • Electrification home/life: To support Queensland’s decarbonisation and provide RACQ members with affordable and sustainable home energy options. 
  • RACQ fleet transition: To reduce RACQ’s emissions through decarbonising RACQ vehicle fleet through technical research and engagement with universities.

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Mobility choice and affordability
RACQ advocates to help deliver affordable and fair member mobility choices.
RACQ advocates for better transport infrastructure for improved safety and economic outcomes.
RACQ advocates to help improve safety in our infrastructure, regulations and community. 

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