Is it legal to wear thongs, pluggers or flip-flops while driving?

The State’s peak motoring body has debunked one of the biggest motoring myths surrounding the quintessential Queensland footwear of choice.

RACQ this week posted a quiz to its Facebook page and asked its followers whether it was legal to drive wearing thongs, pluggers or flip-flops.

Many replied ‘no’ to the question and some gave their personal opinions on the topic.

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One Facebook user said: “I take my thongs off when I drive. I take any backless shoe off when I drive. In fact, I don’t like wearing anything on my feet when I drive, I prefer to drive bare-foot.”

“I often drive wearing thongs and have never had a problem,” another said.

“I don’t drive in thongs but would prefer to drive in thongs than high heels,” another added.

With Summer now in full swing, RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said it was timely to confirm the correct answer to the controversial question.

“The truth is there’s no specific laws in Queensland that prohibit drivers from wearing certain types of shoes, or even that shoes are required at all,” Ms Ross said.

“The only requirement is that you can stay in control of your vehicle and drive safely – so consider that when you’re picking your kicks.”