Empowering future generations with Tanya Meessmann

Founder of Girl Shaped Flames, Tanya Meessmann, is on a mission to fire up our next generation of young women.

Tanya is a self-proclaimed challenge seeker and through Girl Shaped Flames she hopes to provide teenage girls with the tools to become future leaders, innovators and adventurers.

“The reason Girl Shaped Flames exists is to address the challenge that I noticed with teenage girls at the moment which is really around their confidence levels and their risk appetite,” she said.

Girl Shaped Flames tries to bridge this gap through events and mentoring programs aimed at secondary school girls (Year 7-12).

“By connecting teenage girls with role models, we can move the needle in their world and show them the benefits of confidence and risk taking and how they can develop these skills,” Tanya said.

Through Tanya’s work in advertising as well as experience in film production, she has found that women entering the workforce no longer have the confidence of their predecessors. 

“What I noticed in the last few years was a shift in the young girls coming in to work with me,” she said.

“We’d have girls who were incredibly talented but so reticent to put themselves out there, to push for the right level of job role – even to go out and network on behalf of the company.”

Tanya attributed that change to the increasing interconnectedness of the digital age.

“The challenge that girls (and boys) experience is information overload – they have so much information coming at them all the time,” she said.

“The exposure we had back when we were growing up was dramatically less than they have.

“The moment they wake up, they check their phones and the world is suddenly at them.

“They feel like they have a responsibility to take on and try to sift through that information and we just didn’t have that.”

Listen to more from Tanya below.

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