Five flowers for your summer garden

Spring is the best season to start cultivating the perfect Queensland garden for summer.

Creating a vibrant garden that can withstand the Queensland heat takes planning and a good understanding of what works in subtropical temperatures. Here are five of the best flowering plants to get your summer garden started.  

1. Gardenias


These evergreen classics prefer warm, tropical climates so are perfect for muggy Queensland summers. Planting in spring will ensure these bushes will be in full bloom come Christmas with the best flowers blooming on long, warm days. Gardenias love a bit of sun in the morning but ideally like to be kept in the shade during the afternoon and watered regularly.

2. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are best planted in spring for maximum wow factor in the summertime. They grow well in rich, moist soil and, like gardenias, they love full sun in the morning and shade during the afternoon. Acidic soil will turn hydrangea flowers blue whereas alkaline and neutral soil will create mauve and pink blooms.

3. Dahlias

The vibrant pink and burnt orange of Dahlia flowers suit most gardens. They are versatile plants with long-lasting blooms. If planted in spring, Dahlias will flower in the last days of summer after all your other flowers have faded. Water heavily in spring, then lightly when the plant is about 15cm high.

4. Zinnias

Full sun and warm temperatures are Zinnias best friends, which makes them a perfect addition to any Queensland summer garden. While the flowers will only bloom once, their vibrant colour and variety are well worth it. They are also an easy flower for gardening beginners and attract butterflies to liven up your garden.

5. Petunias

If you need something hardy that can withstand humid summer storms, look no further than petunias. They will usually flower around 10-12 weeks after planting meaning seed sowing can begin in spring and full bloom in the heat of summer. Petunias also work well in planters for a bit of indoor colour for summer.

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