Keyboard hacks

Make the most of your computer with these keyboard shortcuts.

Unlock your Windows PC full potential and save precious time by mastering these keyboard shortcuts.

Note: these shortcuts are intended for computers running the Windows 10 operating system.

Copy and paste

  • Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

A classic keyboard shortcut. Highlight any text and press Ctrl + C to cut the text and Ctrl + V to paste in a new location.

Paste with no formatting

  • Ctrl + Shift + V

Using Ctrl + V to paste text in a document copies across the formatting, such as font size, text colour and hyperlinks, from its original location. By using Ctrl + Shift + V, the formatting is stripped away and pasted as plain text.

Find something in a document

  • Ctrl + F

Need to find something buried in a report? Use the Ctrl + F shortcut and type a word in the search bar for it to be highlighted throughout the report. This is handy when you need to reach relevant parts in a document quickly.  

Task view

  • Windows Key (WK) + Tab

Press WK + Tab for a display of all your open tasks. This is useful to see which programs or documents you have open. 

Desktop view

  • WK + D

Need to get back to your desktop in a hurry? Press WK + D to bring your desktop back on screen. This is handy if you’re present shopping while a special someone is around. Press WK + D again to bring the program you were using back up.

File explorer

  • WK + E

Quickly browse your files by pressing WK + E. This will bring up File Explorer which shows a list of your frequently used folders and files. You can navigate to any file in your computer from here.

File explorer search

  • Ctrl + E (When inside File Explorer)

Once inside File Explorer press Ctrl + E and type in the name of the document or file you’re looking for.

Switch windows

  • Alt + Tab

This shortcut allows you to jump between your open windows quickly.

Select a window

  • Ctrl + Alt + Tab

Like the switch windows shortcut, this allows you to see all open tabs and select which one you want open. Continue to press Ctrl + Alt + Tab to cycle through the open tabs and selects the one you want to use.

Create a virtual desktop

  • WK + Ctrl + D

A virtual desktop is a copy of your windows desktop allowing you to open new files and programs so that they won’t clutter your current desktop. Virtual desktops can be a good way to keep your work documents and programs separate from your personal documents.

  • The Virtual Desktop can be closed by pressing WK + Ctrl + F4.
  • You can switch between Virtual Desktops by pressing WK + Ctrl + the left or right arrow key.

Split screen view

  • WK + Arrow keys

You can have up to four programs and windows open at once by using this shortcut. Press WK + left or right arrow key to snap the window you’re using to the corresponding side of your screen. Press WK + Up or Down from there to snap the window to the top or bottom of your screen. This is useful if you need to look and information from one window while working in another.

If you have two monitors press WK + Shift + Left or Right to move programs/windows from one monitor to the other.

Lock your computer

  • WK + L

Stepping away from your computer? Press WK + L to lock your machine.

Reopen an internet tab

  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab (While browsing the internet).

There’s no need to worry if you’ve accidentally close a webpage. Press the shortcut above and it will reopen the closed page.
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