Seven wonders of Australia

More than 68,400 Aussies cast a vote to decide the best landmarks in the country.

If you had to vote for the greatest landmark in Australia what would it be?

Australia’s leading travel experience provider, Experience Oz, decided to ask the question as part of a three-month travel campaign to boost domestic tourism.

Australians were asked to vote from a shortlist of 50 iconic Australian natural sites, landmarks and architectural icons submitted by a range of state and regional tourism organisations from across the country.

More than 68,400 people voted and now the seven wonders of Australia have been revealed.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
  2. Uluru, Northern Territory
  3. Twelve Apostles, Victoria
  4. The Horizontal Falls, Western Australia
  5. Australian War Memorial, Australian Capital Territory
  6. Sydney Opera House, New South Wales
  7. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Experience Oz Campaign Manager Matt Hobbs said the campaign was designed to encourage domestic visitation versus travelling to destinations in South-East Asia for Australians' holidays, encourage debate and provide the fairest possible perspective on such a list of sites while also showcasing Australia’s wonders to the rest of the world.

“We've spent several months touring the country and visiting some of Australia's most incredible sites – it's a pleasure to now be able to officially announce ‘The 7 Wonders of Australia’ as voted by you,” Mr Hobbs said.

“It's also been a humbling reminder of just how lucky we are to reside in such as special and diverse country for travel.

“The response from people across the country has been great considering your average political poll caps out at a couple of thousand – to receive nearly 70,000 votes was a wonderful sign of how passionate Aussies are about our country and its buildings and landscapes.”

According to statistics from the Australian Government Consular State of Play 16-17 report, Australian residents took 10,756,890 trips overseas in 2016–17.

Over the past five years, this number has grown by about 5% each year, with Bali and Japan being the most popular destinations to visit, while domestic travel has slowed down as a result.

“It's our hope that rather than looking to the likes of Bali or Thailand for their next getaway, Aussies may take this as inspiration as to explore the best of their own or neighbouring state instead,” Mr Hobbs said.

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