The best SUP locations in Australia

Pack your stand up paddle board to get a different perspective of your destination on your next trip.

Stand up paddle boards (SUPs) can be a great way to experience our own country’s diversity and environment. Here are some locations around the country you can explore on your board, perfect for all beginners and intermediate paddle boarders.

Forster Island

You can find Forster Island along the lower east coast of Australia and about three and a half hours north of Sydney. Here you will find a number of islands surrounded by river, lakes and the sea. You can explore the islands by paddling down the thin waterways or participate in the annual Paddle Festival. This festival has both a five kilometre and 10 kilometre race as well as a battle of the paddles. If you are wanting to explore the area outside of the competition time use the course maps to help guide your own route.

Rottnest Island

This island is known for the unique wildlife, mainly the featuring animal Quokkas. The entire island off the western coast is protecting paddlers as well as providing a gorgeous view. If you are feeling up to it, in November there is a 27 kilometre downward ocean race from Rottnest Island to Sorrento Beach — known as The Doctor.

Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is sheltered bay connecting the Sydney suburb to the ocean. Paddleboarding through this area will give you a unique opportunity to explore the area through into the Tasman Sea. View the Sydney skyline and Sydney Harbour National Park. If your dog usually accompanies you on your SUP trips, head down to the bay January for the Every Man and His Dog competition. If you are new to paddle boarding there are plenty of schools and rental options along the coast, making it a great starting point.

Port Phillip Bay

With over 200 kilometres of protected coastline, Melbourne’s largest bay is a great location to spend the day paddling around. The waters are calm and if you are lucky you may be greeted by playful dolphins along the way. If you enjoy paddling great distances take advantage of the bays circular nature. You can paddle from one beach to another, or find a variety of paths ranging from five kilometres to full marathon distances.

Dove Lake

Experience the true tranquillity of this national park by paddling around this small lake. Beech trees and verdant pines frame the shoreline creating an oasis feel. The clear waters create an enchanting reflection of the landscape including the snow-capped peaks of Cradle Mountain.

Currumbin Beach

Currumbin Beach is a pristine Gold Coast location you should not overlook. Paddleboarders and surfers often flock to the Alley. Here at the point break, long stunning waves form and are particularly popular with longboarders. The water is still relatively calm and if you are looking to catch your very first break look no further. As the beach is popular amongst local surfers and paddle boarders be sure to be patient and follow etiquette.