The next generation of electric scooters

Hands-on with Lime’s Gen 3 scooter.

Worldwide e-scooter and transportation rental company, Lime, has released its latest Gen 3 scooters in Brisbane.
The scooters, which will form a mixed fleet with the current Gen 2.5 models, offer increased stability, safety and battery life.
Lime's head of government relations Mitchell Price said the new scooters were a several-million-dollar investment in the future of Brisbane mobility.
“The launch of the Gen 3 scooter in Brisbane is bringing world-leading technology to Australia’s first city where Lime was launched,” Mr Price said.
“It’s the first time any market in Australia or New Zealand will have the scooter.”
The updated features include an all-aluminium frame, dual shock absorption, dual-braking system and improved battery life.
The battery has moved from the stem of the scooter to the baseboard offering a lower centre of gravity for rider comfort.
Mr Price said the changes, which have been applied to all Gen 3 models worldwide, are designed to improve rider safety and enhance their experience.
“We now have three brakes on the scooter,” Mr Price said.
“There’s the electronic brake, the manual brake and a step brake.
“We have also added an LED screen and bar which will tell riders when they enter a no parking, no ride or a slow zone.”
Mr Price said despite 15,000 helmets being stolen across Brisbane in 2019, no new helmet technology has been implemented with the updated Gen 3 scooters but Lime is working on it.
“We are working on new helmet technology currently,” Mr Price said.
“It’s a little too early to say what the resolution will be but we are committed to ensuring our riders are safe and there are helmets available.”

Lime Gen 3 scooter

Lime scooter Gen 3 review:

Lime’s updates to the latest Gen 3 scooter were noticeable from the outset with the new model, a studier improvement over its predecessor.
The sturdiness comes from the new all-aluminium frame and thicker baseboard, which now houses the battery resulting in an improved ride.
At speed, the Gen 3 scooter was a smoother ride than its predecessor due to the robust and sturdy frame.
Ride quality was also enhanced with the addition of 25cm tyres (up from 20cm) and dual shock absorption which improved performance over uneasy city terrain.
While coming to a stop was never an issue for the previous generation, Lime has employed a dual braking system which shortens stopping distances.
The rider interface also received an upgrade with a 7cm screen which shows speed, the scooters battery life and status and notifies riders of safety and legal information such as no parking or reduced speed zones.
All in all, the Gen 3 scooter is a bulked-up version of its predecessor and a welcomed improvement in Brisbane’s now crowded share e-scooter sector.


New Features:

  • LED screen and bar: Notifies the rider of important safety and legal information like no parking or reduced speed zones.
  • Battery moved from stem to the baseboard: Lowers the centre of gravity to make tip-overs less likely and protects the battery housing from impacts.
  • Aluminium frame: Stronger materials to ensure that critical points never fall.
  • Dual shock absorption: Reduces shock from bumps on the road.
  • 25cm tyres: Allows the rider to cruise over rough surfaces without falling.
  • Dual braking system: Shortens stopping distance and increases rider safety.
  • Reflectors and lights: Reflectors on all four sides and tail brake lights make the rider visible at night.
  • Headlight: Keeps the road ahead illuminated and the rider more visible at night.

Scooter boys

Photos: Jake Ryan and Max Mason-Hubers.

Video: Jake Ryan.