Understanding your teenager’s learn to drive journey

Learning to drive is an exciting and liberating time in every teenager’s life however as parents, we want to ensure our teenagers are completely prepared before they take to the road on their own.
The following Parent Plates program has been designed to empower you and your teenager on this journey. After progressing through the following videos, you will be well equipped to guide your teenager through learning how to drive a car, safely and effectively.

Part 1: Introduction and planning ahead

During this video we’ll cover some important first steps that should be considered before your child starts on their journey to get their drivers licence including:

1. Tap into your teenager’s curiosity
2. Be a role model
3. Decide the best method of teaching
4. The type of vehicle
5. The vehicle’s safety rating
6. Car insurance

 Video 1

Part 2: Getting your learner licence

We’ll cover the process required for obtaining a drivers licence in Queensland.
1. Your teenager will need to complete Prep L, an online learning portal designed by the Department of Transport
2. The next step in the learner process is called the graduated driver’s licencing system. During this step your teenager needs to complete 100 hours of supervised driving within a 1 year period. RACQ has developed the Learner Driver App to help you track this requirements
3. Regulations to adhere to as a supervisor

Video 2

Part 3: The driving lesson and the P1 Licence

We’ll take a look at what part driving schools can play in helping your teenager get their drivers licence

Video 3

Part 4: Crash statistics and your teenager

Learn more about crash statistics and the unique risks teenage drivers face on the road.

Video 4