Community Sponsorship Program

At RACQ, we love seeing Queenslanders come together. That’s why we proudly offer sponsorships of up to $4,000 for events, programs and activities that
are meaningful to the Queensland community.

Since 2017, we’ve supported over 50 community organisations, groups, clubs, associations and charities across Queensland through our Local Giving and Community Sponsorships grassroots programs.

Applying for an RACQ Community Sponsorship is easy. If you feel you meet the sponsorship criteria and align with our corporate responsibility categories, we would love to hear from you.
There are two intakes per year:

  • 1 October - 31 October 2021: Applications closed
  • Second round for 2022 coming soon

People's Choice

RACQ's Community Sponsorships program gives twelve shortlisted community groups the opportunity to receive a grant up to $4,000.

RACQ members and the Queensland community were invited to select their three favoured initiatives, with the top-voted initiative receiving the People's Choice grant of $4,000.

Four shortlisted initiatives will also receive $4,000 as selected by RACQ's panel with the remaining seven initiatives receiving a $1,000 grant.

The grant recipient of the People’s Choice winner is The Foodbasket in Maryborough. They will receive a $4,000 grant towards their initiative.

The Foodbasket a not-for-profit grocery store providing free and low-cost groceries to people on low income. They also provide Emergency Relief to people in need, Breakfast Club to 13 schools in the region and assist in the provision of food to local community kitchens. The grant will support the running costs of the vehicle that distributed the donated food from local supermarkets. This initiative will benefit the local community by providing food to those who need it most.

Thank you to all that voted and stay tuned for the next application round open later this year.


Sponsorship Criteria

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    Who can apply for funding?
    Organisations, businesses, clubs, associations and charities are eligible to apply for funding for initiatives (events, programs or activities) based in Queensland.
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    How much funding can I apply for?
    You can apply for a maximum of $4,000 however Community Sponsorships are granted as $1,000 or $4,000 sponsorships. The final amount is determined by our panel and by the People's Choice vote.
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    What initiatives will be funded?
    A Community Sponsorships application must be for one-off initiatives contained within a single calendar year. If you’re looking for multiple year sponsorship, you will need to reapply each year, or during each intake period.
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    Alignment with RACQ

    All proposed sponsorships must demonstrate how they align with at least one or more of RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories.


    Supporting initiatives relating to the mobility needs of our members and their communities and enhancing the security and sustainability of their transport choices.


    Supporting Queensland institutions, organisations and events that are a fundamental part of Queensland and who we are as Queenslanders.


    Supporting Queensland through emergency response, disaster recovery and initiatives encouraging community wellbeing.


    Supporting initiatives that preserve Queensland’s environmental sustainability and safeguard our members and their communities against climate impacts.

Sponsorship eligibility

What we are looking for in a sponsorship application.

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    The proposed sponsorship arrangement aligns with one or more of RACQ’s corporate responsibility categories.
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    The initiative (event, program or activity) is based in Queensland.
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    The proposal is for an initiative that provides a service or other benefit for the community, on either a local or state basis.
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    RACQ members and their communities are among the current or potential beneficiaries of the sponsored activity.
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    The sponsorship offers RACQ benefits commensurate with the value of the sponsorship, such as a high degree of visibility within the local or wider community, an opportunity to enhance our reputation, image and brand, and/or other measurable benefits such as positive media coverage.
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    The sponsored initiative (event, program or activity) is either a proven proposition in terms of its merit or ability to deliver community and sponsor benefits or is supported by a sound business case demonstrating its potential to deliver such benefits.