Centenary Motorway needs to be election priority: RACQ

RACQ has called on all parties to make the Centenary Motorway a key election issue, following news today the LNP would commit $245 million to duplicate the bridge to ease growing congestion.
Centenary Motorway congestion

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said the Club welcomed today’s commitment to improve one of the worst choke points in Brisbane.

“The duplication of the Centenary Bridge to eight lanes has been at the top of our members’ wish list of bridge upgrades since we conducted our Bridging Brisbane survey back in 2017,” Mr Turner said.

“Any driver who uses this bridge understands how desperately we need its duplication as it’s over capacity and has traffic crawling on any given day.”

However, Mr Turner said more investment would be required to fix the entire stretch of road from the Ipswich Motorway to Toowong.

“Upgrading the entire Centenary Motorway has been, and continues to be, one of our biggest infrastructure priority projects with the stretch one of the slowest commutes in south east Queensland,” he said.

“We want to see all parties commit to identifying initiatives and developing options to upgrade the full Centenary Motorway as part of Infrastructure Australia’s Stage Two Assessment Framework.

“A suite of upgrades is required along the entire length of the Centenary Motorway to cater for future traffic growth, reduce congestion and improve safety.

“We’d like to see additional lanes, improvements to interchanges and managed motorways solutions including variable speed limits and ramp metering.

“Aside from road upgrades, there also needs to be improvements to public transport and active transport infrastructure like cycle paths for the western suburbs, to get people out of their cars and relieve some pressure.

“We need to act now, as the population continues to grow congestion will only worsen.”

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