Tough times: community groups asking for help

RACQ Foundation has received a record number of applications for funding support from community groups across Queensland who were struggling to survive the impacts of COVID-19 and natural disasters.
RACQ Foundation

RACQ Foundation spokesperson Renee Smith said 366 groups from Townsville to Goondiwindi had requested more than $6.39 million in funding assistance to help them get back on their feet.

"The impacts of COVID-19 on our State are far reaching, and some of our local clubs and community groups are doing it tough right now – sadly, the impacts mean some are at risk of collapse, so we want to help,” Ms Smith said.

“In this most recent funding round, 87 percent of funding applications have been from clubs citing the pandemic as the reason for their application.”

Ms Smith said 13 percent of applications were from community groups who continued to feel the effects of natural disasters including drought and floods.

“We can’t forget the impact of natural disaster– two thirds of Queensland is still in drought, and the damage from previous cyclones and floods remains – we’ll make sure we continue to help those clubs,” she said.

“Some requested support due to a loss of income, or for help establishing a mental wellbeing program to provide immediate assistance to families impacted by domestic violence. Some of these applications are truly heartbreaking to read, and our team is evaluating them so we can get on with giving back to those who really need it.” 

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