Drive like your life depends on it this festive season

The State’s peak motoring body has issued an urgent plea to motorists ahead of the high-risk festive season, targeting regional drivers in a new road safety campaign.
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RACQ has partnered with Bishopp Billboards to roll out more than 40 signs on some of Queensland’s deadliest roads, pleading with motorists to Drive Like Your Life Depends On It.

Club spokesperson Kate Leonard-Jones said Queensland was already on track for one of the worst years for road deaths in a decade, with more than 255 lives lost so far.

“Families and communities are being ripped apart because of crashes, many of which sadly happen when drivers are tired or not paying attention, are speeding or fail to keep left on high-speed roads,” Ms Leonard-Jones said.

“Christmas is just weeks away and is one of our highest risk times for crashes with so many more Queenslanders travelling by car to be with family and friends.

“We need to remember each and every time we get behind the wheel to make sure we are up to the challenge of driving. Remember the importance of the Fatal Five and recognise road safety is in our hands.”

Ms Leonard-Jones said the billboards would be on highways and local roads from Cairns, south to the Gold Coast, and inland across the Darling Downs.

“Drivers will see 16 of these signs along the Bruce Highway alone, where head-on and speed-related crashes are very common,” she said.

“The north coast region, which includes Wide Bay, the Sunshine Coast and Moreton, has had the highest number of fatalities in the State with more than 65 road deaths, followed by the southern region, with at least 48 deaths. Both regions will have 12 campaign billboards each reminding drivers of the importance of road safety.

“We desperately hope this road safety campaign will reinforce to all motorists how important it is to make a conscious effort to drive safely each time we get behind the wheel, because it can be the difference between life and death.” 

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