RACQ launches holiday campaign to combat distracted driving


“Stop multi-tasking. Just drive.” 

That’s the clear and simple message from RACQ that will be plastered on billboards across the State from today - in a bid to change driver behaviour and create awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.


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The Club’s General Manager Advocacy Joshua Cooney said the campaign will run during the summer holidays when tens of thousands of families are on the road.

“Our message to Queenslanders is simple – Stop multi-tasking. Just drive,” Mr Cooney said.

“Last year 23 people died in road crashes involving inattentive or distracted motorists, but according to our 2022 Annual Road Safety Survey, many Queenslanders still don’t take distracted driving seriously.

“Our research shows 64% of drivers admit to using a hands-free mobile phone behind the wheel, almost 32% said they use a hand-held phone, 74% said they eat and drink, and nearly 60% view or enter GPS settings while driving.

“With so much going on in our lives it’s easy to be distracted while driving but getting safely to the destination must be our only objective.

“It’s so important to avoid doing anything that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind off the critical task of driving.”

To help spread RACQ’s message far and wide across Queensland, the campaign will include social media ads, magazine spreads and billboards provided by Bishopp.

Bishopp CEO Brad Bishopp said road safety is one of regional Queensland’s biggest challenges.

“More than 230 lives have been lost on regional roads so far this year and we know the holiday season only intensifies the risk,” Mr Bishopp said.

“Bishopp is providing up to 100 billboards across Queensland for the sole purpose of saving Queensland lives.”


RACQ wants all Queenslanders to make it to their Christmas celebrations and holidays safely. Observe the Fatal Five and Stop multi-tasking. Just drive.

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