Bruce Highway death toll climbs

With seven deaths recorded on the Bruce Highway in seven days, RACQ has urged both drivers and Governments to do whatever possible to avoid any further casualties.
Traffic on the Bruce Highway
The Courier Mail reported more people had died on the Bruce Highway in the past week than had died on roads in the Australian Capital Territory in the year to date.

The latest Bruce Highway fatality, recorded on Monday, occurred when a man in a station wagon collided with a truck near an on-ramp near Maryborough.

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said any fatal crash was concerning, but the number of fatalities seen on the Bruce Highway in the past week showed just how important it was for Governments to continue to invest and fast-track safety improvements.

“Any loss of life on our roads is tragic, but seven deaths on the Bruce in seven days, is simply shocking. We need Governments to continue investment in upgrades to provide a safer and more forgiving road environment on one of our busiest highways,” Mr Spalding said.

“Safety improvements like widening roads and wide centrelines, clearing roadsides and installing safety barriers and putting in overtaking lanes are simple things that can be done to improve the condition of particular sections of the Bruce Highway.

“However, motorists also need to do their bit. Drive to the conditions, especially at night or in other adverse weather conditions, share the drive if possible and plan rest stops if you’re travelling long distances.

“Make sure you abide by the Fatal Five messages an always wear a seat belt, don’t speed, don’t drink or drug drive, don’t drive tired or distracted.”

Mr Spalding said the major issues along the Bruce Highway were due to high speeds, motorists driving long distances, and that the road is a lower quality and has a lack of safe road design features in particular sections.

“Most crashes on high speed, undivided highways are run-off road, intersection and head-on crashes,” Mr Spalding said.

“Our recent survey of the Bruce Highway, looking at casualty crashes, revealed the highest priorities were sections between Brisbane and Gin Gin, north and south of Mackay, and between Townsville and Ingham.”

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